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in the direction of the asteroid. amy joins us live from the laboratory in oakland where there is a party going on. amy? >> the party will be tonight when we can see it, closest to the earth in the next half hour but we cannot see it. it is so light. the people on the other side of the earth have that advantage. when it arrives tonight it will still be visible. it is close enough to create a lost excitement at the science center. astronomers say this event is what they live for. an asteroid passing so closely to earth. >> it is a big deal because this is the first time an object of this size has come so close to the earth. >> here is a picture of what to expect to see tonight. you can see the dashes, that is the streak caused by the movement of an asteroid. tonight, you should be able to see the movement. >> i am excited because the weather looks very good, very promising, and i actually have not heard the forecast but i expect the weather if it is this good we will have good viewing conditions. >> an observatory has calculated the path of this asteroid and they know it will come so close today. h
for us. it is amazing and sad at the same time. >> today we low pressure to learn more details about the suspect, his criminal history and what led to the shooting. the news conference will begin in about 30 minutes. we will bring it to you live when it happens. >> thank you. we have been digging into goulet's past and have dayed on his peeping tom arrest and his military service record. the pentagon has released documents to us detailing goulet's service in the marine corps for six years. he was also with the army if three years where he flew blackhawk helicopters and was a military police officer and received several medals but he was convicted of being a peeping tom in oregon. he had other run ins with the law enforcement there. we will have continuing courage on the santa cruz officers killed. we are awaiting the 11:30 news conference by santa cruz police and we will bring it to you live as soon as it begins and you can always get updates on our facebook page at abc news. >> there was a hoax of a rape on campus, the 21-year-old woman staged the attack and told police originally s
showing the suspect, a navy reservist, on the left, with then lapd police chief in 2006 used for an lapd news let fore a program honoring officers who also served in the military. oakland city council agreed to hire bratton as a consultant for the police department. >> in san diego, a navy official confirms that naval base is on lockdown. two sources tell us they do not believe this is connected to the christopher dorner case. we will monitor the situation as it develops. and now, the mayor of san antonio is joining forces to combat drug violence meeting with law enforcement officials and state senators who will announce a proposal for new gun control laws in california, including legislation to close loopholes in current firearm regulations. >> vallejo police are looking for two gunman who shot three people in a home invasion this morning. it happened at scene where amy is with an update on the victims and the search for the armed men. >> the motive is the question. police say nothing inside this home indicates why this home was chosen, they say maybe it is the location. it is on the co
is joining us live. >> the sheriff in san bernardino says right now more than 100 officers are searching for christopher dorner. they certained all night. the sheriff says dorner has had plenty of time to league big bear but they do not know if he has left. there is no evidence one way or the other. there are empty cabins in the mountain where the truck was found. officers are searching those. the hunt continues on the ground. >> the fire and ourselves have a snowcap. we put our swat guys in the snow cat and armored personnel carriers with chains. we are on the mountain on the roads with that equipment. >> no one is taking chances. schools in san bernardino are closed for a second day as police continue to search for the man they say opened fire on four police officers killing one of them. christopher dorner's truck was found smoldering but there is still no sign of him. we don't know what he will do. we know what he is capable of. >> as long as he is loose officers are guarding serve locations and dozens of people potential targets named in his manifesto. in the same letter he admits ki
and that could have been a touchdown for us and we would have won. >> not a lot of people in the office today. maybe they, you know, drank it away last night. but...just quiet over all. >> what kind of mood are people in? >> sad. sad. >> here is a look at the streets last night, the mission district, full of police but not full of partygoers. police were prepared for a celebration and possible rowdiness but it never happened. there were a few troublemakers and they shut them down quickly, though, and made a few arrests and estimate about 25, mostly for public intoxication. police call it a peaceful night and fans were this a somber mood. but, now, there is hope we are hearing out here on the streets, people are focusing on next year, they have a lot of faith in this team. >> officials in new orleans have traced the power outage of the superdome to abnormality in their power system which is being investigated. right now, a lot of disappointed 49er fans are returning home. katie marzullo has more from new orleans. >> it is heartbreak city here in new orleans for 49er fans today. look at the fro
says it was merely the first response to u.s. threats and vows to continue. >> kristen: president obama is putting the finishing touches on the state of the union tonight. he is expected to focus on jobs but also on gun control and a new development this morning in afghanistan. karen travevs joins us live from washington. >> reporter: good morning. the white house is looking at inauguration state of the union as two acts in the same play. first speech laid out the vision and now he will layout the game plan. >> tonight president obama launches his second term policy agenda and no surprise, it will be heavily focused on the economy. >> you will hear an outline for his plan to create jobs and grow the middle-class. >> to do that he will call for a new program, new spending as way to stimulate growth and republicans will say washington cannot just cut it's a way to prosperity. president obama has a key theme from his reelection campaign. >> he will focus the proposal to help the middle-class grow and help the economy. >> looming in the near future those automatic spending cuts that congres
with evidence. she will be arraigned and police will talk about this case this morning. stay with us on this developing story. our reporter is on the story right now and we will have it later in the newscast. >> thank you, amy hollyfield. >> on the peninsula a busy road in redwood city is re-opened after a deadly crash. the accident happened on bayshore road at seaport boulevard near the 101 freeway before 4:00 a.m. the c.h.p. closed traffic in both directions while officers collected evidence. they say the crash involves only one car. the coroner has identified the victim as 20-year-old of redwood city. new this morning police are looking for a man who exposed to himself to a teen girl walking home from school. police say the man drove up to the girl, called her name, and exposed himself when she wouldn't answer. officers searched the area but did not fin the man. >> oscar pistorius is free this morning with reports on where he has settled hours after a judge released the accused girlfriend murder on bail. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. it was a long drawn out process. >> t
with us? >> for the rest of my life. >> we asked kaepernick what he has been thinking about and he said he is thinking about being back here next year. we asked some of the players what they want to say to their fans? they said "thank you." they were happy to see the fans when they got off the plane yesterday. davis said, tell the fans, we will be back in the super bowl next year. here is a lasting image of a 49er going back in for one more load as he loads up the car the we heard a lot from the players but they are not down. head coach harbaugh will give a press conference any minute scheduled to begin at 11. if there anything he says we want to get in the newscast, stay with us throughout the mid-cast and tune in later today for more from the head coach, jim harbaugh. live in santa clara for abc7 news. >> a completely different mood in baltimore right now. ravens fans are celebrating their super bowl victory with a big party at the stadium. early this morning they toasted the super bowl champs with a far raid and hundreds of thousands poured into the streets to catch a look at the favori
,000 and caltran is fighting back and is using aluminum wire rather than copper which is less lucrative. >> the ship pilot for the worst oil spill in to decades is suing the coast guard to get his license back. our media partner reports that the captain has filed a lawsuit against the u.s. department of homeland security claiming his civil rights were violated when he was not allowed to renew his license. the board found him at fault for crashing a cargo ship into a tower of the bay bridge in 2007. 53,000 gallons of thick fuel spilled into the bay. >> it has been a busy to days for specialized team in the fire department. they are trained for precise urban rescues but rarely get a chance to perform. now we are live in san jose with this story you will see only on abc7 news. the san jose fire department rescue team was behind me an hour ago rescuing a man who was trapped in a tree 30' above the river. they trained for these type of search-and-rescue operations but they rarely perform them. in the last 24 hours alone they have made two of these rescues. it took 20 men to pull this man to
and support during this difficult time and we are one family and one community. thank you for standing with us. more than 150 people have posted condolences. if you wrote like to share a message you can do so on our facebook page. >> had have been three other murders so far this year in santa cruz county. on january 18, an 18-year-old man was shot to death in watsonville. no arrests have been made. on february 9, three were arrested for shooting outside a bar in santa cruz. on february 15, an 18-year-old man was shot several times at a girl's soccer game at watsonville high school. the search continues for a suspect. we will have continuing coverage of the santa cruz police shootings. police are planning the news conference at 11:30 and we will bring that to you live. we will update you immediately on any developments both during this newscast and on twitter@abc7news bay area. >> we are live over the seen of breaking news in san francisco where there is a gas leak at the federal building in golden gate avenue. we don't have any reports of evacuations at this time but crews have shot down a blo
. police are searching for the distinctive s.u.v. right now. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom with the latest. >> investigators if las vegas think a previous altercation at a hotel prompted the deadly attack. they are still searching for the shooter's black range rover with dark tinted windows and dark rims and they are working with authorities in three neighboring states. authorities are zeroing in on how this started. it is too clear how it ended. >> three deaths. three. at least three more injured. at 4:30 this morning at an intersection surrounded by the most famous casinos, gun shots were fired. >> there were a couple of seconds after the first shot, then i heard a series of shots. >> the mazurati crashed after being fired upon crashed into a taxi. >> the taxi caught on fire and exploded and we have two additional people dead in the taxicab. i also have beside the taxicab, three other vehicles that were struck. >> a witness who did thought want to show his face heard the explosion and rushed to the scene. >> i ran over to help the dude in the mazurati and tried to give hi
the scene house, i show you the sandbag tonight which were just delivered to the house and will be used if the bomb squad discover tonight more explosive tonight and will contain the impact if they have to detonate something in the yard. the suspect is behind bar tonight and he also has been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and detonating an explosive device although we don't know when and where that happened in live in santa clara for abc7. >> police officer in pittsburg is recovering after getting into a shootout with a suspect overnight. two officer tonight were chasing a 3-year-old0-year-old man last. he took off running and starting shooting the at officer. the suspect is now in stable condition in the hospital after being shot by the officer tonight. >> also in pittsburg, a high speed chase ended with three people under arrest accused of stealing a car. former giant tonight slugger barry bond tonight, obstruction of justice case back in federal court and his lawyer is asking a three judge panel to toss out the conviction. amy? barry bond was not in court today but husband
with the outgoing pope benedict. >> they have known each other since the early 80's and the cardinal told us he will meet with the pope on thursday morning for a farewell which will be very emotional. when the pope, when he was a cardinal, he chose him to replace him as the prefect of the congregation and when he was pope benedict he elevated him to cardinal in 2006. he retired last year and never thought he would be part of a conclave. pope benedict's resignation surprised him and he is landing to leave for rome tomorrow and said even if you are not catholic he is asking you keep him if your thoughts. >> i will be the first former ambassador -- archbishop of san francisco to have this solemn duty. i rely on the prayers of all the faithful of church and i ask the prayers of my brothers and sisters in other christian communities. jesus has assured us that the prayers we pray to god will receive a response. i ask, as well, the good will and prayers of the whole community for this important moment in the history of the catholic church. >> the conclave is not without controversy. the scottish cardi
. >> that does it for us. [dramatic music] ♪ >> hello. >> hey, you. welcome. welcome. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant has been a nurse for 25 years and spends every lunch break watching millionaire with her fellow nurses. from havertown, pennsylvania, please welcome kelley straub. nice to see you, kelley. >> hi. >> so you get together in the common room, then, at the hospital, or... >> at the cath lab. >> oh, okay. >> yes. we take our break, you know, around millionaire, so we all get together and watch and sit there and play. i told them i if i ever got on, i would send a shout-out to the major university hospital that i work at in the cath lab for years. >> go ahead. >> so hey, girls. i'm finally here. >> [laughs] [cheers and applause] you sure are. you're not playing with just the television anymore. you are here, so let's see the money in your round 1. >> okay. >> computer, please randomize the dollar amounts. and now here are the categories to your questions. and, computer, please randomize the categories. ev
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